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Butte County Association of Governments

Butte County Association of Governments

Butte Regional Operations Center

What is the Project?
BCAG and Butte Regional Transit are in the process of developing and designing a transit maintenance and operations center which will also function to house the BCAG administrative offices. It will involve the acquisitions of approximately 7.5 acres surrounding the existing facility for a total facility size of 10 acres at build out.  

Why is the Project being done? 
The current facility became outdated and significantly undersized upon the consolidation of all transit systems in the County back in 2005.  Since 2005, our contractor Veolia TransDev Transportation has been everything possible to manage the increased fleet size and staff needed to run and maintain the system.  Staff began exploring funding opportunities and in early 2011 were awarded an $18 million dollar federal grant for a project to be developed.  

Project Completion? 
A 48 inch storm drain and extension of Aztec Drive was completed in January 2015 by Franklin Construction of Chico, CA. at approximately $1.5 million. The "onsite" project, or facility itself was completed in April of 2016 at an approximate cost of $18 million with Broward Builders of Woodland, CA. The building that formerly housed the maintenance operations was remodeled by Slater and Sons at an approximate cost of $2 million and completed in January of 2017. This building will house the BCAG Board of Directors chambers and also has 13 office spaces.   The BCAG Board of Directors are expected to hold their inaugural regular meeting on June 22, 2017.
Real-time Construction Camera 
From the first steps through completion a real-time camera allowed viewing the construction of the new Butte Regional Operations Center . This webcam recorded an image every 10 minutes. At the end of construction, the camera stopped recording on April 20. To see any particular day/time during the process, use the pull down calendar on the upper left corner of the screen. To see a time lapse of the project, click the "Play" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Or for a more stylized time-lapse presentation, click on the video below.

Questions or Comments:
Should you have any questions or comments regarding the project please call or e-mail Andy Newsum
, Project Manager at 530-809-4616.
Time Lapse of Construction

Time Lapse of Construction

Butte Regional Transit - B-Line

Butte Regional Transit - B-Line

Butte Regional Transit the B-Line, is a consolidated transit system serving the incorporated and unincorporated jurisdictions with Butte County.  

B-Line began service in 2005, after a multi-year Consolidation Study was prepared that included the transit systems previously operated by the County of Butte (Butte County Transit), the City of Chico (Chico Area Transit), the City of Oroville (Oroville Area Transit) and the Town of Paradise. BCAG coordinated the Consolidation Study which recommended formation of Butte Regional Transit B-Line under BCAG.  

In its first year of operations, B-Line saved over $1 million in operating expenses as a result of consolidation, and greatly improved fixed route and paratransit/ADA service throughout the region.
B-Line Service

B-Line Service

B-Line provides over 69,900 hours of fixed route service annually to the cities of Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Gridley and Biggs and the unincorporated communities of Thermalito, Magalia and Palermo.  

B-Line operates twenty fixed routes throughout the County and Cities seven days a week, and provides approximately 1.5 million rides per year.  

B-Line ADA/Paratransit service provides over 48,000 hours of door-to-door ambulatory service per year within the cities of Oroville, Chico and the Town of Paradise.  B-Line Paratransit/ADA service is provided to registered users seven days a week, and provides approximately four-hundred thousand rides per year.
Butte Regional Transit Operations & Maintenance Facility

Butte Regional Transit Operations & Maintenance Facility

When B-Line initiated service in 2005, its day-to-day operations began at the current Operations & Maintenance Facility located on Huss Drive in Chico.  

This facility had previously served as the day-to-day operations & maintenance facility for the Chico Area Transit System, CATS, but was not designed to accommodate the current B-Line regional system.
In their 2009/10 Annual Report, the Butte County Grand Jury made a finding that the current operations & maintenance facility on Huss Drive was not sufficient to house the system, and that plans should be made to acquire or secure a larger facility.

New Facility

In January 2012, BCAG began design plans and environmental documents to construct a new operations & maintenance facility at the location Huss Drive.  This process included acquiring the existing facility which is situated on three acres, and an adjacent seven acre parcel - for a total ten acre project site.

The Architectural firm of TLCD Architecture from Santa Rosa was selected to prepare design and specifications for the facility, while NorthStar Engineering was selected to prepare the environmental documents and design of road and storm drain improvements that would be required for the project.
Construction of the new BRT Operations & Maintenance Center will include the following new operations:
  • A 15,200 square foot Administration and Operations building to house the BCAG offices and administrative/operating offices for B-Lines operations contractor - currently Veolia TransDev;
  • A new 16,800 square foot maintenance building providing six service bays for daily servicing of vehicles;
  • A new 5,222 square foot fueling facility with office space for a Money Room & Vault, Storage and Lubrication Station;
  • A new 3,968 square foot bus wash facility.
The existing administrative offices and maintenance building will be retained, and should funding permit, these building will be redesigned and retrofitted to provide for a Board Room, Conference Room and Training facility.


The construction of the Butte Regional Transit Operations Center has been separated into two components - "off-site" improvements and "on-site" improvements.  

The "off-site" improvements include the expansion of the storm drain system and an extension of Aztec Drive to the Union Pacific Rail Road tracks.  Franklin Construction of Chico was awarded the "off-site" project on July 10, 2014, with a total bid for the improvements at $1,525,229.   Work on the "off-site" improvements is currently underway and is expected to be completed by spring 2015.

Construction of the "on-site" improvements includes construction of the operations buildings for maintenance, administration, fueling and bus wash.  The "on-site" will also include remodeling of the existing administration offices and maintenance building.  Broward Builders from Woodland was awarded the construction of the "on-site"work on August 18, 2014 at a bid of $17,339,000.


The total estimated cost for construction of the new BRT Operations & Maintenance Center is approximately $32 million.

Funding to build the facility has been will be through various funding sources; the following is a breakdown of the financial plan to construct the project:

  Local Funding
State Funding/Bonds/Grants
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Other Sources

                          Total Funding
= $
= $
= $
= $


an architectural visualization of the Butte Regional Transit operations center