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Butte County Association of Governments

Butte County Association of Governments

Transportation Development Act (TDA)

The Transportation Development Act (TDA) is one of the major funding sources for public transit in California. The TDA provides two funding sources:
  • the Local Transportation Fund (LTF) and
  • the State Transit Assistance (STA) fund
The LTF is derived from ¼ cent of the 7¼% general statewide sales tax. This ¼ cent of the sales tax is returned to every county in the state from where the tax was collected.
The STA is derived from sales tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. Fifty percent of STA funds are allocated according to population. The other fifty percent is allocated according to the ratio of the total public transit revenues that were generated in each area during the prior fiscal year.
Performance Audits

Performance Audits

TDA law requires that each transportation planning agency and all transit operators have a triennial performance audit of its activities.
FY 2019-2021 Audits:
FY 2016-2018 Audits: