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Georgia Pacific Interchange at State Route 70

What is the Project?
At the request of the City of Oroville, BCAG is leading the development of an interchange at Georgia Pacific Way and State Route 70. In the Fall of 2005, Congressman Doolittle successfully secured $2.028 million in the Federal Transportation Bill, known as SAFETY-LU, for the development of this project.

Why is the Project being done?
The City of Oroville is experiencing a significant amount of growth and interest toward development along both the State Route 162 corridor and adjacent to State Route 70 at Georgia Pacific Way. The City of Oroville is taking a proactive approach in planning to address congestion within the city limits and assure that the community is adequately prepared to accommodate residential, commercial and retail development. Georgia Pacific Way at State Route 70 is an appropriate location to develop access to and from the State Highway. This location also provides Oroville with the opportunity to pursue the development of a bypass route from State Route 162 and Olive Highway from the east to State Route 70.

What is the current status of the Project?
In February of 2006, the City of Oroville authorized BCAG to solicit for proposals from consultants to develop a Project Initiation Document (PID). On March 14, 2006, BCAG received three proposals.  In May of 2006, a Project Development Team (PDT) began performing initial studies in support of a conceptual design.  BCAG continues to work with the City of Oroville to determine the appropriate project that will meet the needs of the City and also preserve the operations of the state highway.

The project has been on hold indefinitely pending funding from state and local sources.     

Questions or Comments:
Should you have any questions or comments regarding the project please call or e-mail Andy Newsum, Project Manager at (530) 809-4616.