Butte Regional Operations Center

What is the Project?
BCAG and Bute Regional Transit are in the process of developing and designing a transit mainatenance and operations center which will also function to house the BAG administrative offices. It willinvlove the acquisitions of approximately 7.5 acres surrounding the exisitng facility for a total facility size of 10 acres at buildout.  

Why is the Project being done? 
Butte Regional Transit has been expanding with more vehicles and routes being added as needed and can be supported bu funding and revenue.  The current facility became outdated and significantly undersized upon the consolidation of all transit systems in the County back in 2005.  Since 2005, our contractor Veolia TransDev Transportation has been eveyrhting possible to manage the increased fleet size and staff needed to run and maintain the system.  Staff began exploring funding opportunities and in early 2011 were awarded an $18 million dollar federal grant for a project to be developed.  

What is the current status of the Project? 
A 48 inch storm drain and extension of Aztec Drive is nearly ready to advertise for construction in July of 2014.  This work is termed the "offsite" work and is expected to be underway and ahead of the facility "onsite" work.  The "onsite" project, or facility itself will be advertised for construction in the Fall of 2014.  The facility and all adjacent improvements are expected to be under construction through 2016, when completion is expected.       

Questions or Comments:
Should you have any questions or comments regarding the project please call or e-mail Andy Newsum, Project Manager at (530) 879-2468.