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Butte County Association of Governments

Butte County Association of Governments


BCAG is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the state designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Butte County. As such, BCAG is required to prepare several transportation planning and programming documents that are necessary for securing transportation funding for the region.

In addition to required planning responsibilities, BCAG also serves as a forum for the study of other transportation issues impacting the region. BCAG undertakes planning studies to resolve regional transportation issues as deemed necessary by the BCAG Board of Directors as part of our annual work program.

BCAG's planning responsibilities include preparation and administration of the following:

One of the most important components to BCAG's transportation planning is consultation, coordination with local, state and federal agencies with particular emphasis on public participation. An open and accessible consultation and public participation process is critical for discussing and resolving regional transportation issues. BCAG maintains a continuous and cooperative consultation and public participation process allowing local government, Caltrans, the Federal Transit Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Air Resources Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, Tribal Governments, and the public the opportunity to review and comment on transportation planning activities being prepared by BCAG. 

All BCAG Transportation Advisory Committee meetings and Board of Directors meetings are open to the public with scheduled public hearings during the development of the Regional Transportation Plan, Federal Transportation Improvement Program, Unmet Transit Needs process and Air Quality Conformity.  All public hearings are noticed thirty days in advance in the local media. BCAG maintains a Public Participation Plan (PPP) which can be obtained here.