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Public Information Request

Public Records REquests
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(California Public Records Act, Govt. Code Sections 6250-6276.48)
To expedite your request for Butte County Association of Governments or B-Line Transit records, please fill out the request form completely, and identify specifically the type of records you are requesting.  Requests should reasonably describe identifiable records prepared, owned, used, or retained by the agency.In order to expedite your request, all requests for public records should be in writing.
A completed Public Records Request Form can be faxed to (530) 879-2444 or emailed to
  • Requests must be for records, prepared, owned, used, or retained by BCAG (Gov. Code Sec. 6252(e)). Requests should be for clearly identifiable records.  If necessary, BCAG staff will assist the requestor in making a request that describes reasonably identifiable records (Gov. Code Sec. 6253.1).    Copies will not be provided if disclosure would infringe upon a copyright, trade secret, or is otherwise exempt in accordance with state law.
  • You will be notified by mail or email within ten (10) days whether your request seeks copies of disclosable public records prepared, owned, used, or retained by this agency. In most cases, your request will be completed within one (1) week. 
  • If the search for records finds the records voluminous, you will be notified of the approximate number of pages and/or length of time it will take to process your request.
  • If the records you requested have been marked confidential by the source of the record, you will be notified and given the option of continuing with the BCAG’s trade secret   
  • If your request is to review records, rather than receive copies, BCAG will notify you once the records are gathered, and arrangements will be made for your review.
  • The charge for the direct cost of duplication is as follows: Paper Copies, $0.15/page each over 10 pages (first 10 pages are free);   Copied CD’s or Copied DVD’s, no charge.  When records are requested in electronic format, the requestor shall bear the cost of producing a copy of the record, including the cost to construct the record and the cost of programming and computer services necessary to produce a copy of the record when either of the following applies:  (1) BCAG would be required to produce a copy of an electronic record and the record is one that is produced only at otherwise regularly scheduled intervals, or (2) the request would require data compilation, extraction, or programming to produce the record.  (Gov. Code Sec. 6253.9(b)). The transfer of gathered electronic records onto CD or Diskette typically cost $10.00 each.  An invoice will accompany your records when completed.
  • For further clarification please refer to the California Public Records Act (California Gov. Code Sec. 6250 et seq.)