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SR 99 Widening in Gridley

What is the Project?
Beginning in 1965, improvements have been made to widen State Route 99 with the incorporation of a continuous two-way left turn lane south of East Griddle Road and north of Spruce Street.   Some improvements have been accomplished at the Spruce Street/SR 99 intersection (1983).  No improvements have been pursued at the SR 99 intersections of Hazel Street and Sycamore Street.  For several years the City of Gridley and BCAG have requested the widening of State Route 99 through various proposed alternatives.

A Project Study Report (PSR) (April 2000) was prepared under the direction of former Gridley City Engineer Ray D. Rolls, investigating the alternatives for widening SR 99 from East Gridley Road to Spruce Street.  Improved safety and operations together with reduced congestion are the goals of the proposed project.  Of six alternatives proposed, the preferred was identified as being the one that improves the highway to a full five lane facility with a continuous two-way left turn lane being the fifth lane.  This alternative matches the facility geometry both north and south of this two block section of SR 99 through the City of Gridley.

In November of 2001, BCAG took the lead to develop the environmental document and begin the process of completing the first phase of this project which is the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase.  

Why was the Project developed?
The necessity of this project is driven by operational and safety considerations.  The primary problem is vehicle and truck left turn conflicts onto and off of SR 99, particularly at the Sycamore Street intersection, in combination with adjacent intersection backups and apparent lack of traffic signal coordination.  Due to the relatively high volume of through traffic, this problem exists at all times during the day and is particularly bad during the AM and PM peak hours. 

Project Completion
The construction of this project was completed in the March of 2010 at an approximate cost of $3 million.  

Questions or comments:
Should you have any questions or comments regarding the project please call or e-mail Andy Newsum, Project Manager at (530) 809-4616.