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SR 149 Vernal Pool Creation

With the approval of the State Route 149 environmental document came the requirements to perform environmental mitigations as a result of the project's direct and indirect impacts.  One of the environmental commitments was to deliver a vernal pool complex with preserved, restored and created vernal pools and their associated species.  On behalf of Caltrans, BCAG led the effort to solicit a consultant/contractor to develop the Vernal Pool Habitat Development Plan (HDP) and proceed to build the project prior to or concurrent with roadway construction.

  • In April of 2005, BCAG circulated a Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • In February of 2006, BCAG contracted with Restoration Resources of Rocklin, CA
  • In February of 2007, the Vernal Pool Complex was completed      
Should you have any questions regarding the Project, please contact or email Andy Newsum at 530-809-4616.