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Economic Stimulus For Transportation

American Recovery and Reinvestiment Act of 2010 (ARRA)Top of Page

On February 17, 2009, the President signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). ARRA provides $27.5 billion supplemental funding to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to be apportioned to the states after certain takedowns. California's share is estimated to be $2.57 billion. FHWA has recently published ARRA Implementing Guidance, which contains detailed instruction to FHWA division offices and State DOT on the implementation of ARRA. A copy of the guidance may be downloaded from FHWA's Economic Recovery website:

BCAG is committed to helping regional local agencies deliver their projects funded with the federal economic recovery funds by providing timely guidance and information, by expediting project review and approval process.

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ARRA - Local Butte County ProjectsTop of Page

The purpose of this website is to keep the public informed on the ARRA funded projects approved for funding by BCAG.   

ARRA Project & Programming Status and Summary (All Projects) - posted Oct 2009            
Funding Targets for BCAG  (For local road projects, transportation enhancements & transit)             
Approved ARRA Road Certification for the following the road project listed below:     
Approved ARRA Road Project Summary      

Road Projects:  (click on the agency to email questions directly to the implementing agency)  
  •  City of Chico - State Route 99 @ Skyway Interchange Project.    
  • Town of Paradise - Roadway Overlays for portions of Pearson, Clark & Skyway
  • City of Oroville - Table Mountain and Grand Ave Rehabilitation Project         
  • Butte County -   Midway and Lower Honcut Rehabilitation Project  
Transit Projects
Transportation Enhancement Projects     
  • City of Oroville - SR 70 @ Montgomery St Interchange Project    
  • Butte County - Lincoln Blvd. Median Project  
Questions regarding the specific projects should be directed at the implementing agency responsible for the delivery of the project.  Click on the links above to email questions to the appropriate staff.  Questions may also be directed to BCAG.     

STIMULUS 2 - Jobs for Main Street / HIRE Act of 2010Top of Page

"STIM 2," H.R. 2847, Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010

02/01/2010 -
Congress is currently debating a second economic stimulus package, referred to as "STIM 2." In December 2009 the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2847, the "Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010," and the Senate is expected to begin hearing this bill or possibly introduce its own version in the coming weeks. Information about the bill may be found on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's website: According to information provided by Caltrans, California would receive approximately $2.55 billion in formula-based highway funds and $1.14 in formula-based transit funds under the House bill. BCAG's target is approximately $9 million as identified in the supporting documentation below as provided by Caltrans HQ.

Many of the requirements of STIM 2 are likely to be similar, if not the same, as ARRA with one important exception. The main milestone in ARRA was that 50 percent of funds must be obligated with 120 days, with remaining funds obligated within 1 year.  Funds must be expended by September 20, 2015. "Obligation" refers to a commitment to spend funds, but until a contract is awarded and construction begins, no jobs are created. To ensure that a second round of stimulus funds results in immediate job creation, the House bill requires that contracts be awarded for at least 50 percent of funds within 90 days of apportionment, with the remaining under contract within 1 year. This timeline is much shorter and will require that projects funded by STIM 2 are in fact "shovel ready."

BCAG Board Memorandum - Programming New STIM 2 Projects (Feb 2010)     
Plan A & Plan B - Identifies financially constrained list of projects for consideration             
Caltrans HQ Guidance - Includes Regional Funding Targets     
Butte County Projects Received for Funding Consideration - Response to Survey Request