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2010 Census

2010 Census
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Data and products from the 2010 Census for the Butte County region can be accessed from the Census Bureau - website.  The State of California also provides reports at the state, county, and local jurisdiction geography level.
California Department of Finance - Demographic Research Unit weblink

Census Bureau - weblink
Redistricting Data
Decennial census data are used for geographically defining state legislative districts.  The data set includes the first totals or population and housing for the Butte County region.

Summary of Population and Housing Totals for Butte County and the Incorporated Cities

Total Population: 2000 and 2010 (table 1) - View PDF

Total Housing Units:  2000 and 2010 (table 2) - View PDF

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If you have questions regarding 2010 Census activities in the Butte County region, please contact Brian Lasagna, Regional Analyst at (530) 809-4616 or via e-mail at