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Skyway Corridor Study

Project InformationTop of Page

BCAG staff, working with the Town of Paradise and the consulting firm Whitlock & Weinberger Transporation, Inc. (W-Trans), completed a transportation study for the Skyway corridor, in March 2009.

The purpose of the study was to work with staff from the Town of Paradise and area residents, established community-based organizations (CBOs), and other stakeholders to develop a community supported plan that addressed safety, circulation, pedestrian, and aesthetic deficiencies within the existing corridor.

The study focused on the segment of the Skyway in Paradise from Neal Road to Wagstaff Road.  This section of the Skyway includes the downtown business district of Paradise and is completely within the Town's Redevelopment Area (RDA).
      The Final Report for the Skyway Corridor Study was accepted by the Paradise Town Council on February 24, 2009.  See the Final Report section below for a complete digital copy.

      Final ReportTop of Page

      Final Report - accepted 02/24/09 (no appendices) - click here (3.2 MB)

      Technical Appendices
              A - Existing Level of Service Calculations - click here (100 KB)
              B - Collision Rate Calculations - click here (1 KB)
              C - Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvements - click here (479 KB)
              D - BCAG Traffic Model Output - click here (216 KB)
              E - Future Level of Service Calculations - click here (258 KB)
              F - Alternative Cross Sections and Concept - click here (3 MB)
              G - Road Diet Discussion - click here (1 KB)
              H - Alternatives Operational Analysis - click here (1.6 MB)
               I - Final Concept Plans - click here (2.3 MB)

      Project DocumentsTop of Page

      Study Area Map - click here

      Background and Alternatives Report
                Report - click here (2.8 MB)
                Technical Appendix - click here (250 KB)
                Appendix A (cross section exhibits) - click here (5.9 MB)

      Workshop Documents (09/18/08 Paradise Town Hall)
                Agenda - click here 
                Announcement - click here
                Powerpoint Presentation - click here (5 MB)
                Workshop Results Summary (10/14/08) - click here

      Process Summary (09/18/08) - click here

      Draft Preferred Design Alternative - (11/10/08)
                Report - click here (2.3 MB)
                Technical Appendix - click here (4.9 MB)
                RDA - Citizens Advisory Committee Presentation - click here (5.5 MB)
                Cross-Sections - click here (1.5 MB)
                RDA - Citizens Advisory Committee Summary - click here (67 KB)

      Contact UsTop of Page

      If you have comments or questions regarding the Skyway Corridor Study, please contact Brian Lasagna, Regional Analyst at (530) 809-4616 or via e-mail at