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2020 Regional Housing Need Plan

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BCAG is required to update its Regional Housing Needs Plan (RHNP) every 8 years. The last update was completed in 2012. BCAG staff has initiated the 2020 update of the RHNP which is scheduled for adoption in December 2020.

California Government Code Section 65584 requires BCAG to prepare a RHNP covering all jurisdictions in Butte County. The RHNP indicates how Butte County’s regional housing need, as stipulated by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), is to be allocated on a “fair share” basis among the municipalities and the unincorporated County. Each jurisdiction must then use its regional “fair share” allocation as the basis for updating the Housing Element of its General Plan.
While the preparation of the RHNP is a State requirement, the RHNP is a major component that allows BCAG to fulfill its federal requirements as Butte County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The RHNP is a key input into BCAG’s regional transportation model, its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), and its Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). Housing is one of the primary data sets used in building the transportation model’s current and future land use scenarios, and in preparing BCAG’s federal-required air quality conformity determinations.
In prior RHNP updates, BCAG staff prepared the RHNP in house via coordination with its member jurisdictions, key stakeholders and HCD. For the 2020 RHNP update, BCAG has retained the consultant firm PlaceWorks to assist with the project, because new State requirements have made the RHNP development more complex, and new funding is available for RHNP development from HCD through the Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grants program.
The 2020 RHNP update will be developed cooperatively with BCAG member jurisdiction planning staff, along with key input from a diverse stakeholder group. Outreach occurred to potentially interested stakeholders in early May 2020. If you would like to be included as a stakeholder and receive regular email updates, please send an email to Chris Devine, BCAG Planning Manager, at to be added to the email distribution list.

Schedule and Draft Documents
BCAG initiated the development of the RHNP in early 2020 with outreach to our local government partners and is anticipated to adopt the final RHNP in December 2020.  Local jurisdiction housing element updates will then be due in June 2022.  A copy of the draft schedule is available below.
As the 2020 RHNP is developed, draft and final documents will be posted here according to the schedule included above. If you would like to receive email notifications when documents are published to this website, please send an email to Chris Devine at to be added to the email distribution list.
Virtual Stakeholder Workshop
On May 19, 2020 BCAG hosted a virtual workshop involving key stakeholders from throughout the region to provide information on the 2020 RHNP update, and receive preliminary input on data and factors to be used in the development of the allocation methodology. To view the presentation provided during the virtual workshop, please click here. For a meeting summary, please click here.
BCAG Member Jurisdiction Survey
As required by California Government Code Section 65584.04, BCAG staff and the consultant team at PlaceWorks recently prepared and administered a survey of BCAG’s member jurisdictions to request information on factors to be considered in developing the draft RHNP allocation methodology. To see the survey, please click here. For survey results, please click here.
Information garnered through this survey, along with the input from the stakeholder virtual workshop held in May, will be used to develop three draft allocation methodologies in late June. These will be posted here as soon as they are completed.
Final Regional Housing Needs Assessment from HCD
BCAG received the final Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) numbers from HCD on June 15, 2020. To view the numbers, click here.
The final RHNA numbers from the State are for the entire county, and broken into four income groups (very-low, low, moderate and above-moderate). The BCAG RHNP determines how this regional housing need will be allocated on a “fair share” basis among the five municipalities and the unincorporated County. The draft allocation methodology formulas mentioned above will provide several options for achieving this, and input from the stakeholder group, the general public, and the planning staff from the municipalities and the County will shape these into a final preferred allocation methodology that will be a main component of the 2020 RHNP.
For questions on the 2020 RHNP update, please contact Chris Devine, BCAG Planning Manager, at or Brian Lasagna, BCAG Regional Analyst, at
RHNP Allocation Methodology Development
Numerous data and factors are being considered for integration into the allocation methodology for the 2020 RHNP. BCAG and its consultant team at PlaceWorks have developed a housing allocation tool to allow different scenarios to be run in order to determine the preferred allocation methodology for the 2020 RHNP.
To view the allocation tool (Excel file) please click here
For a tutorial and introduction to using the tool (Pdf file), please click here.
Draft Allocation Methodology
The draft allocation methodology was completed and submitted to HCD for a 60-day review period on August 10, 2020. The draft methodology was developed in consultation with BCAG member jurisdictions and informed by input fromBCAG_6thCycleRHNP_11.30.20_FINAL.pdf key stakeholders. A public hearing will be held at the BCAG Board meeting on August 27, 2020 at 9am to solicit further public input. A press release was distributed to local media on August 19, 2020 regarding the availability of the draft allocation methodology and pubic hearing. If you have any questions about the draft methodology, or other aspects of the 2020 RHNP update, please contact Chris Devine, BCAG Planning Manager, at
Draft RHNP Document
Final RHNP Document
The final RHNP was adopted by the BCAG Board of Directors on December 10, 2020.
BCAG 6th Cycle Housing Element Data Packet