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2020 Regional Housing Need Plan

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The 2020 Regional Housing Needs Plan (RHNP) will be prepared by BCAG for the 6th cycle housing elements, as required by state law.  The 2020 RHNP is anticipated to cover the 8 1/2 year period from June 2022 to January 2031.

The purpose of the RHNP is to allocate to the Cities and County their "fair share" of the region's projected housing need by household income group over the eight and a half year (2022-2031) planning period covered by the plan.   The plan is required by State Law (Government Code, Section 65584) and is based on countywide housing projections developed by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

BCAG will initiate the development of the RHNP in early 2020 with outreach to our local government partners and is anticipated to adopt the final RHNP in January 2021.  Local jurisdictions housing element will then be due in June 2022.  A copy of the draft schedule is available below.