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2024 RTP Document

RTP and EIR documents
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The RTP/SCS has 4 required elements:
  • Policy Element - Identifying the Goals, Objectives and Policies
  • Action Element - Identification of all modes of transportation
  • Financial Element - Financial forecasts for BCAG for the horizon of the Plan
  • Sustainable Communities Strategy
In addition, the RTP/SCS has:
  • Regional Emissions Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Report

Environmental impact report
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A program-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being proposed for the 2024 update of the Butte County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS).  A program EIR is an environmental document that provides a framework for future environmental analysis.  The EIR presents a regional assessment of the RTP/SCS impacts.  Individual specific environmental analysis of each project will be performed by the lead agency prior to each project being implemented.
As material is developed, it will be posted here for review and comment.  Please submit comments to: or  
11/16/2023- EIR Scoping Meeting - Zoom Recording. Meeting was held in person and via zoom
11/09/2023 -  Notice of Preparation  
11/09/2023 - Project Description  
11/09/2023 - Notice of Preparation (County Clerk Stamp)