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Chico to Sacramento Plan

BCAG is preparing the Chico to Sacramento Inter-City Transit Strategic Plan to provide the framework to integrate Butte Regional Transit and the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority's Route 3 (Stockton-Sacramento-Chico-Redding) to a consolidated commuter route between Chico and Sacramento. 
The Chico to Sacramento Inter-City Transit Strategic Plan will identify solutions to provide a regionally significant transit connection from Chico to Sacramento by analyzing routing and timing plans, operating and capital costs, fare structure, park and ride opportunities, number and type of buses required, and develop a marketing plan. 
Due to population shifts from the Camp Fire and changes to service from COVID-19, the Plan will re-assess any changes in ridership since the previous study was developed. The Plan will also identify ways to integrate the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority Route 3 with B-Line to a consolidated commuter route.

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If you have comments, questions, or want to receive updates regarding the Chico to Sacramento Plan, please contact Sara Cain at 530-809-4616, or by email at