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Butte PEV Readiness Plan

an electric car being charged

BCAG completed the development of the Butte Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Readiness Plan (Plan) in May 2018, after collaborating with city and county staff and other interested stakeholders. BCAG was successful in receiving a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant in the amount of $114,777 to develop the Plan.

A Project Development Team (PDT) was assembled to guide development of the plan, which included city and county staff as well as representatives from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., California State University Chico, Butte County Air Quality Management District, and the Chico Electric Vehicle Association.
Public workshops were held on March 27th and 28th to seek further public input into the plan. 
The final Butte PEV Readiness Plan was formally accepted by the BCAG Board of Directors on May 24th, 2018. See below for appendices.
Draft Plan Appendices:
Appendix A. PEV 101 Information
Appendix B. Guide to the 2016 Ca Green Bldg Standards Code
Appendix C. Ready Set Charge
Appendix D. Example EVSE Permit Forms and Checklists
Appendix E. Streamlining the Permitting & Inspection Process for Home Charging
Appendix F. Accessible PEV Charging Stations
Appendix G. Universal Charging Access Guidelines and Best Practices
Appendix H. Policy Directive MUTCD PEV Signage
Appendix I. Workplace Charging Sample Survey
Appendix J. Workplace Charging PEV Coalition
Appendix K. Clean Cities Training Opportunities
Appendix L. Accessibility and Signage for PEV Charging Infrastructure
Appendix M. AB1236 Sample Ordinance and Staff Report
Appendix N. Workplace Charging Station Cost Recovery Strategies

What are plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)?

A PEV is a Plug-in Electric Vehicle that runs at least partially on battery power and is recharged by plugging into an electrical outlet.
Pure Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) run on electricity stored in batteries and have an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine.
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) run on both an electric battery-powered motor, and a gasoline engine.
The purpose for developing the Butte PEV Readiness Plan is to:
  • Make the region eligible for grant funding for installation of new PEV charging stations;
  • Ensure the region is prepared for anticipated coming “wave” of new PEVs;
  • Provide a “toolbox” for the cities and county to improve their PEV readiness;
  • Contribute to improved air quality and reduced CO2 emissions in the region;
  • Help meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for BCAG's Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, and city and county climate action plans.

Regions throughout the state are developing PEV readiness plans to be prepared for the anticipated increase in plug-in electric vehicles. Most major automobile manufacturers are developing PEVs with increased driving range, performance and practicability, and the existing network of charging stations continues to expand. 

The Plan includes the following main components:
  • Identification of preferred locations throughout the region for additional PEV charging facilities;
  • Recommendations for improvements to city and county building codes, permitting and inspection processes, and zoning and parking requirements, in order to facilitate and streamline installation of PEV charging equipment in residential, workplace and public/retail locations;  
  • Recommendations for increasing the number of PEVs in vehicle fleets throughout the region;
  • Projections identifying future PEV use in the region;
  • Information for future training and education.
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For further information on the Butte PEV Readiness Plan, please contact Chris Devine at or 530-809-4616.