Public Participation Plan (PPP)

Public Participation Plan - Background

Public Participation Plan - Development

As a result of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), BCAG is required to prepare a Public Participation Plan (PPP). The PPP is intended to provide and document the direction for public involvement activities to be conducted by BCAG.

Objectives of the Public Participation Plan:
  • Raise level of understanding of the transportation planning process in Butte County and identify how interested citizens can participate.
  • Maximize opportunity for public involvement in the transportation process.
  • Maintain contact with interested citizens and key stakeholders throughout the process of developing plans and projects.
The public is encouraged to inform BCAG staff about what would be helpful in addressing the objectives of the Public Participation Plan.

Public Participation Plan

February 27, 2014
PPP Language Amendment: Revise Policy 1.2 to read, “BCAG shall notice the public comment period for Plan and Program amendments in at least one local newspaper in the area where the project is generally located, as appropriate.”

Public Notice    
August 26, 2010     
Public Participation Plan (Document) - Amendment #03
Amendment incorporates new language per comments from the Federal Transit Administration regarding the "Program of Projects" public participation process is included in the development and or amendment of the FTIP. 
Public Notice    

April 22, 2010

Public Participation Plan (Document) - Amendment #02
Amendment incorporates new state requirements for public participation associated with the development of BCAG's Regional Transportation Plan - Sustainable Communities Strategy or Alternative Planning Strategy, if one is needed.
Public Notice

February 1, 2009    
Public Participation Plan (Document) - Amendment #01
Amendment updates the comment review period for certain amendment categories for the RTP and FTIP.
Public Notice      
January 24, 2008
Public Participation Plan (Document)
Appendix A ~ Complete Version (contains all documents listed below)

PPP Outreach & Public Involvement

APPENDIX  A ~ Individual Components 

January 24, 2008 BCAG Board Memo
January 24, 2008 Adopting Resolution
December 5, 2007 - Public Notice 2 - Extending comment period through January 24th BCAG Board Meeting.
November 1, 2007 - E -Memorandum Notification - Email informing availability for review  
Novemember 2, 2007 - Public Notice - Informing of official 45 day comment period, published in local newspaper and on B-Line Transit Fleet.

Public Workshop Announcement in Local Newspaper
RTP / PPP Station Presentation   Station Posters of Presentation Given
RTP/PPP Brochure
PPP Station Summary   Station Poster of Presentation given  
Letter to SSTAC & CTWG   (Social Services Transportation Advisory Council & Coordinated Transportation Working Group)
Letter to Local Tribes
Interest Survey
Correspondence to FTIP Managers, TAC and Neighboring Regions
Social Services Transportation Advisory Council & Coordinated Transportation Working Group Agenda
Letter to Freight Shippers & Goods Movement Agencies
PPP Agency Distribution List

Contact Us

If you have comments, questions or would like to participate in the development of BCAG's Public Participation Plan, please contact Ivan Garcia, Programming Manager at (530) 809-4616 or via e-mail at igarcia@bcag.org.

If you would like to receive updates and/or notifications, please send an e-mail to igarcia@bcag.org and be sure to include your:
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