GIS Data

In 2002/03 BCAG completed development of a countywide parcel base map, which is the foundation for all other data layers in Butte County. An updating process has been established to keep the parcel base map current.
The parcel base map contains all parcels in Butte County and includes descriptive attribute data consistent with the Assessor's database.  The spatial accuracy is 1-3 meters in the city sphere of influence areas and 3-5 meters in rural areas.

BCAG has also developed a countywide GPS centerline road layer, address layer and color ortho-photo layer (latest flown in April/May/June 2006) which tie in with the parcel base map to provide spatially accurate, up-to-date GIS base data for the Butte County region. This data is shared with BCAG member jurisdictions and ensures that all agencies' GIS are based on the same foundation, improving data sharing capabilities and reducing redundancy of effort.  

In the future, BCAG will continue to maintain and update the GIS parcel base map, as well as the address and road files, with data provided by the local jurisdictions and the Butte County Assessor's Office.  BCAG maintains an annual contract with Chico State University's Geographic Information Center (GIC) to perform the updates.

GIS Base Data Requests

Please contact Brian Lasagna, Senior Planner at (530) 879-2468 or via e-mail at blasagna@bcag.org.