Aerial Photos

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BCAG is now having the CSU Chico Geographical Information Center (GIC) process all GIS and Aerial Photo data requests. Please contact Jason Schwenkler at jschwenkler@csuchico.edu.

Aerial Photo Coverage Map

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During the week of February 26 - March 3, 2002, BCAG had aerial photos flown for an area encompassing approximately 2/3 of Butte County (see map below).

Radman Aerial Surveys of Roseville, CA was retained as a consultant for the aerial photography mission.  The aerial photo flight was conducted at two different altitudes to achieve map scales of 1" = 12,000" for the sphere of influence areas and 1" = 24,000" for the non-sphere of influence areas not including forested (conifers) portions of the county (see map below).  Color negative film was used for this project.

The photos were scanned at 600 DPI to achieve a resolution in the sphere areas of approximately one foot.  Rural area resolution is approximately one meter.  There was no color correction applied to the photos.

The photos were then "ortho-rectified" by the CSU, Chico Geographical Information Center (GIC).  The ortho-rectification process corrects all distortions caused by variations in the airplane's flight and the topography of the land being photographed.  

The end product is a photograph that retains the same spatial properties of a conventional map, allowing the user to measure distances and directions correctly and accurately. Spatial accuracy in sphere areas are 1-3 meters while rural accuracy is 3-5 meters.

Aerial Photo Samples