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Traffic Counts

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BCAG completed traffic counts at 312 locations throughout Butte County for the period from Fall 2017 to Fall 2018.
The counts were three-day, 72-hour traffic hose counts collected from Tuesday through Thursday. Bi-directional data was collected for each site and was recorded in 15-minute intervals.  Peak hour and daily totals were included. Counts were not performed during special community events, holidays, rain or any such event that would alter typical traffic conditions and patterns. 
BCAG acquires a consultant to perform traffic counts approximately every three or four years. Member agencies may submit a request to count additional locations, dependent on funding availability. Determination of which locations are counted is dependent on the location that will best supplement the BCAG traffic model program. Counts are listed by geographic area and alphabetized within.

2017/18 Traffic Counts

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State Highways and RampsTop of Page

Traffic counts on State Highways and Ramps are counted by Caltrans every 3 years.